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What is CSGOSelly?
CSGOSelly is an easy to use skin cash out website. It differs from other normal marketplace sites because you can instantly sell your skins. In addition to our competitive prices, we offer the largest withdrawal selection from any site in the market.
How can I trust CSGOSelly?
CSGOSelly uses trustpilot, meaning all customers can leave a review after using the website for other people to see. From the trustpilot reviews, you can see that all of our customers have had a pleasant experience trading with us. In addition to this, we are working with multiple big trusted influencers in the industry.
Steam trading
Your account must be in good standing, without any trade nor community bans. Please also take note of any Steam temporary trade restrictions which may occur because of recent account changes. To trade skins your account needs to be linked to a phone number via the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator, which can be downloaded from the Steam website.
Cashouts on CSGOSelly are typically sent out within 24 hours. However, there can always be unexpected issues that occur, resulting in delays in payments. In this scenario, it is likely that we will leave a note on your cashout.
Sale fee
There is 0% additional sale fees on CSGOSelly. The commission is already factored in to the price of the item. It is to be noted that CSGOSelly offers the highest prices on the market for instant sell.
Cash out fee
There is a 5% cash out fee charged on all withdrawals. This is a necessary commission that we have to pay ourselves when sending the funds due to provider costs.
How do I buy skins on CSGOSelly?
At the moment, buying is not a public feature on CSGOSelly. We do however plan on making it public in the future.
I am an advertiser, I want to work with CSGOSelly
If you're a manager or influencer with over 100+ average views on streams and 5,000+ views on videos, please contact us at [email protected] where our team will be happy to speak with you.
I want to sell in bulk, is this possible?
Are you selling large amounts of skins regularly? We can offer you better conditions and bonuses when working longterm. Please contact one of our live agents who will assist you further.
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